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Welcome to st_picspams, a community solely based for picspams of Star Trek and the actors and actresses that portrayed our favourite characters. Whether it's Chris Fine Pine or William Shatner, TOS of Star Trek or the Star Trek reboot, all pictures are welcomed!

Tags will make this community easier to search through. They must to added to your post. The tags you must add are:

actor: name, actress: name This helps in finding a certain actor/actress when looking through pictures.
screencaps: name of movie Screencaps are welcomed. You use this tag when you have screencaps from the entire movie. It would be best if they were uploaded in a file. Obviously.
movie: name of movie If you have a few pictures of a ST actor/actress from a certain movie, you use this tag.
character: name of character You only use this tag when you post pictures from Star Trek. We only want ST characters.
quality: hq, mq or lq What quality are the pictures?
Rules are used to control an environment. Like many other communities, we have rules. We ask that you abide by them so we can control what is posted. If any posts do not abide by these rules, the poster will be warned once and if they do not make changes, the post will be deleted.

One: Use tags! This makes it easier for a community member to find specific pictures.
Two: Avoid drama! This means that you do not provoke anyone else in any way. No insults towards any of the actors/actresses of Star Trek and no insults towards the members of this community.
Three: You may have one teaser if the picture is 600x400 or smaller and three teasers if the pictures are uploaded to imageshack and the small teaser linked pictures are posted.
Four: Links to your personal journal are welcomed. However, if the link is broken or the post is deleted, your post in this community will be deleted.
Five: Avoid posting the same pictures. If you have a picture of better quality of the one previously posted, feel free to. However, posting pictures of the same quality or lower is useless.
Six: If you have any problems to do with this community, please comment to the mod here.



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